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the state-level public innovation space in Shanghai identified by Ministry of Science and TechnologyLaitouba provide seed funding for startups. The most important thing we do is working with startups on their idea for the first stage. We also provide all kinds of resources to make sure your company being competitive and worth more investment.

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a Senior Manager and Software Quality Assurance at Rethink Robotics, graduated from Tsinghua University and State University of New York. The project is derived from MIT's flexible articulation technology which leading the global robotics technology.

Meng Zhang / exoskeleton support for walking

PHD from University of Connecticut, leading an America national research program, director of business operation of the BMW juice bar, big data analytic of Propark America.

Wenjie Cai / Urban Charging Pile and big data research of car network.

PHD from University of Cambridge, postdoctoral researcher of University of Leeds, researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Win the prize of Chinese Academy of Sciences scientific and technological progress award, two consecutive British particle technology conference academic poster.

Yongqi Chen / Asthma Treatment - Shulidide Imitation

PHD from Technical University of Munich, researcher of Helmholtz Association of German Research Center, Vice President of China - EU High - level Talent Center. "2015 win in the Suzhou Entrepreneur Contest Winner", "2015 Tianjin Venture Competition team first prize" and selected "2015 China Entrepreneurship Competition Electronics Group final" He Hailong / based on artificial intelligence and video super-resolution monitoring system.

Hailong He / Based on Artificial Intelligence and Super Resolution Monitoring System

PHD and researcher from NASA. research area include: artificial intelligence, intelligent control, aircraft navigation and control, group UAV system, bionic intelligent control system, reliable safety coordination control system and its application, etc. Also involved in more than 10 America National Level Researchs.

Long Ni / Intelligent Mother Language Education Robot

a chief engineer at several famous Environmental engineering machinery factory, master degree of environmental engineering. Engaged in developing solid waste comprehensive equipment, manufacturing and sales

Kangzheng Wei / Solid waste treatment system

National Thousand Talents Program Exclusive Specialist, Shanghai Excellent Technology Leader, Chinese Academy of Sciences Special Prize, National Natural Science Award, China Overseas Chinese Award, with more than 20 years of new drug research and development experience, especially the development of new fluorine drugs. He has 30 first-rate papers, summaries of monographs and conferences, 42 U.S. and Chinese patents

Lu Shou-Fu / cardiovascular, human immune and anti-cancer fluoride drug development and industrialization

American University of Kentucky School of Pharmacy Ph.D., Fudan University, Department of Biophysics, East China University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Biochemistry, Jiading high-level talent, Shanghai European and American Students Association (Entrepreneurship Branch, director of the American Chapter, Women's Council) , Jiu San Society, Pudong New Area Association of Overseas Chinese members

Li Li / Product Development and Application of Magnetic Nanosphere Technology in Gene Diagnosis and Biomedicine

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since 2008, the project "Overseas Chinese Visiting Pudong in Shanghai" has been held for 8 times. Attract more than 400 overseas Chinese elite and one-third of them has devoted themselves to the development of Pudong

The main theme of this time is "International Innovation Project Special Session", all projects are from China, the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea and other countries of the selected innovative projects will be together, display, publicity, communication, docking

On December 20th, 2016, "2016 Israel Information and Communication Technology China Tour Exhibition - Shanghai Station" is held by China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Shanghai Science and Technology Development and Exchange Center, Innovation Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Israel

share the information of macroeconomic situation and the situation in Jiangsu Province, the field of electronic information cutting-edge technology, the province's talent, technology, industry and intellectual property rights and other aspects of policy

Angel investment risk compensation management policy

In order to implement the "Shanghai angel investment risk compensation management Interim Measures" to encourage and guide the social capital to increase the seed period, start-up science and technology enterprises to invest. "Shanghai angel investment risk compensation management is actually (Trial)" was announced

share the wisdom| Shengda intelligent innovation salon started

The salon focuses on the field of intelligent innovation from 4 aspect which is the incubation, producing, designing and VC. With the help of Shanda Group's industry and capital advantages, we are able to boost innovation and help entrepreneurship business growing up very fast!

Smart Manufacturing • Creative Salon

"Made in China 2025" ---- smart manufacturing salon is held on 13:00, November 25th at Pudong Pudong International Talent Park.

"The way of connecting innovation companies and technology companies" discussed by Bank of Ningbo innovation linkage technology forum

The theme of this meeting is to introduce the characteristics, standards and application requirements of the bank middle-level capital products by the Bank of Ningbo at Shanghai. The conference is discussed about financing solutions, analysis of capital and credit dual drive the new investment and financing model by Mr. Zhu Wenlong, Ministry of Science and Technology.

[Live Report] "activities of brand agency services into the park area" held in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park

"activities of brand agency services into the park area" is held from November 7th to 11th, stay tuned

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Laitouba has connected with over 200 overseas research institutes, associations and well-known colleges and universities. We receive nearly 150 programs from MIT MPL Industrial Research Institute, Stanford University Innovation Center, UC berkeley Innovation Center, North Europe Innovation Center. Also receive nearly 300 programs from Shanghai Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Academician Center, Fudan University, Central Research Institute of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering, China Industrial Design and Research Institute, China Mergers and Acquisitions, Shanghai Venture Capital Association, Listed company secretaries association, Shanghai Modern Service Federation, Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai